Knowing how to handle and look after your hat will ensure it looks great every time you pop it on your head and will help it to last for many seasons.

Do not get wet. Water will distort the shape of your hat and may cause shrinkage

Prolonged storage in direct sunlight behind glass (eg in the back of a car) will cause the hat to become brittle and fade, and may also cause shrinkage.

Always handle your hat with two hands placed evenly on each side of the brim to place on head. If your brim has a wire in the edge, be mindful to not bend it when handling

Felt can be treated with Scotch Guard to aid in keeping dirt and surface grim at bay, and light rain from soaking in. We can offer this as an in house service.

Keep a little tissue paper lightly stuffed in the crown when not wearing and store your hat in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. When storing your hat, ensure there are no points of pressure on the hat that may contribute to the distortion of the design.

Use a clean, soft bristled brush to groom felts and remove surface dust