Knowing your hat size used to be as common as knowing your shoe size, but over the years, as fashions have ebbed and flowed, the importance of understanding your sizing slipped a little by the way…Likewise, how to care for your hat has too become a little of a mystery, but a few tips below will help steer you in the right direction.

How To Take Your Measurements

There are a few factors at play in working out your head size. Lots of hair (or a lack of it) can play a big part, along with the shape of your head.

There are two key measurements needed:

1. Measure your heads circumference

This is the measurement around your head and gives us your base measurement to work from. It’s worth noting that we add a little wiggle room to this measurement at the time of making to allow for fit.

2. Measure over your head from tip of ear to tip of ear

This measurement assists in determining the depth of crown.
These two measurements are then recorded and used for making your hat to size.

Tip: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a string or cord to take the measurement, and then measure the marked length off on a hard edged ruler. Accuracy is important and you want the tape measure or cord to be firm but not pulled tight.